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Short Story Competition

FOBISSEA SHORT STORY Competition 2013 hosted by Harrow International School, Bangkok

Dear FOBISSEA Member Schools,


As this year’s judge, Joseph Theobald, has now completed his deliberations, it is my great pleasure to announce the winners of the FOBISSEA Short Story Competition 2013.

It is my sincere hope that your students’ involvement in the competition this year has proven to be both enjoyable and beneficial, and has helped to develop their confidence and enthusiasm for imaginative writing. All shortlisted stories and winners will be published in an e-book which will be made available on the FOBISSEA website in due course.


I hope that Jo’s comments below will prove useful to all our young writers, as well as their English teachers, and I look forward to your continued involvement in next year’s competition.



1st Twenty Seconds Josie Ann Paul (The British International School, Phuket)

Twenty Seconds is an evocative piece which conveys vividly the troubled emotions and experiences of the main character. Fitting the theme 'Secrecy' very well, it draws us in and tackles a challenging subject. The powerful significance of the title Twenty Seconds is revealed at the end of the story.

Runner-up Bite The Bullet Amy Wei (The British School of Beijing)

Bite The Bullet deals with the poignant situation of a soldier attending the funeral of one of his fellow soldiers killed in action. The punchy, humorous style of writing seems to reflect the soldier's character well as he tries to maintain a brave face. Flipping between the funeral and flashbacks of war, he is clearly traumatised… but is he also responsible?

Runner-up Secrecy Jian Wei Yeong (The International School of Penang, Uplands)

A mysterious encounter between a professor and one of his students moments prior to a major historical event. The well-crafted dialogue brings us in to the scene by quickly acquainting us with the characters. As a short story it stands on it's own, but I also liked the fact that I had to brush up on my history to fully understand it and discover Princip's secret!


1st Secrecy Tiffany Tym Ya (The British International School, Phuket)

In this story we meet a group of animals who all want to be perfect. Unhappy with their perceived flaws they seek guidance from Dr Owl, and together they finally discover the secret of happiness. Imaginative and funny, this is a delightful story for young children with a well-rounded ending.

Runner-up Secret Journey Emily Pederson (The Alice Smith School, Primary Campus)

Under the cover of darkness a young woman must cross a forest avoiding Nazi soldiers to deliver a secret package. The central character draws us into an emotional landscape through their tactile descriptions of the environment. In this well-structured piece we experience the thoughts and fears of this covert courier.

Runner-up The Secret of Happiness Mia Fidge (Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok)

When a young girl goes on holiday with her parents to her father’s homeland she finds little to amuse her, that is until she meets an old man who knows a secret. A warm, well written story which left me wandering what was in the treasured Secret Book of Happiness. Was it a scrapbook of memories… or a photo album perhaps?


Best Wishes

Lee Davies


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The Judge this year is Author and Illustrator: Joseph Theobald -


Joseph is the author of several books for children including the 'Marvin the sheep' series. 'Marvin Wanted More!' is a winner of the Macmillan Prize and gained a Welsh Books Council award for most borrowed library book in 2010. His books have been published in over ten different languages and have captured the imagination of children around the world.

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Note that entries close on the 6th May 2013.

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Good Luck!