The Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia and East Asia.

FOBISSEA Heads Leadership Conference and AGM 2012



Dear Colleagues, Friends & Exhibitors,


I wish to thank Ms Valerie Thomas-Peter, Director of Alice Smith Schools and her team for the wonderful job they have done in planning and coming to this stage for the FOBISSEA Heads’ Conference that will be hosted by Alice Smith School from Wednesday, 31st October to Sunday, 4th November 2012.

Please find enclosed the following forms:-
1.  to Heads and Senior Managers from Ms Valerie Thomas-Peter, Director of Alice Smith Schools
2. Conference  for Heads of Schools & Senior Managers
3. Hotel Reservation Form for Heads & Senior Managers – 4. & to Exhibitors
5. Hotel Reservation Form for Exhibitors – Prince Hotel
6. Spouses Programme (Optional)

ON Wednesday, 31st October 2012, an optional 1 day pre-Conference training will be held by CfBT and Penta. This is opened up to any Heads and Senior Leaders who may be interested.

As part of the preparation for the FOBISSEA Conference in November we are trying to put together a meaningful training session for Senior Leaders.  This is being devised by the feedback that has been received by Alice Smith School’s Primary and Secondary Principals in order to ascertain what ideas/needs there might be.

As many of you will be aware that we have just launched the new category of membership i.e. the “Affiliate Membership”. This is a very big step forward in FOBISSEA’s history as now our membership does not only exist of  Heads and Senior Managers, but also includes organisations who are interested in getting to know the members better by fostering this relationship by becoming affiliated to us.

The decision to tie the FOBISSEA Heads AGM to the well-established EARCOS Conference offers many benefits, particularly in relation to the high quality professional development of presentations on which EARCOS has built its reputation.

This year we are happy to announce that FOBISSEA has negotiated a very special rate of USD200 for FOBISSEA members who wish to attend the EARCOS Conference. This would include attending their CPD on 3 mornings i.e. Thursday, 1st November, Friday, 2nd November and Saturday, 3rd November 2012 but however, it would exclude lunch and any EARCOS socials. 

Spouses have not been left out and a very interesting “” has been drawn up. Do not forget to register for the many trips and visits for spouses/partners that have been carefully planned to make the Conference a memorable one. Information on KL is .

Please find the overall programme i.e. EARCOS & FOBISSEA’s Conference .

There are opportunities to highlight your company with . For more information please click .


Looking forward to meeting everyone in November 2012.

Best Wishes,

Mike Walton
Chairman, FOBISSEA