The Federation of British International Schools in Asia.

Code of Conduct



The aim of the FOBISIA Code of Professional Conduct (“the Code”) is to ensure that the Heads and senior managers of member schools, along with the relevant governing body of the school (for example the Board of Governors, Board of Directors, controlling company or individual owner), adhere to, and actively promote, a high standard of ethical practice within and between each member school.

Once membership of FOBISIA is granted, a member school agrees to compliance with this Code of Professional Conduct. Nevertheless, the current Head of School and Chair of the Board or owner must sign a copy of this Code indicating full agreement to be bound by the contents herein and pledge to inform and advise the relevant employees and Board of Governors and/or controlling company of the member school of the contents of this Code and the commitment required to the ethical practices contained herein.


Key Principles

  • As leaders of British International schools in FOBISIA, we have much in common and share many similar challenges.
  • We agree that it is very beneficial for Heads and other employees of member schools to meet regularly in a spirit of openness, cooperation and support, with a view to sharing information and ideas that will be of mutual benefit.
  • By being a member of FOBISIA we understand that as British international educators we have professional obligations that extend beyond our individual schools. We will make every effort to ensure that FOBISIA is not brought into disrepute by the actions of individuals or groups associated with our school.
  • We are therefore committed to the Code, which balances the operating needs of individual member schools with a sense of corporate responsibility for the professional standing of FOBISIA.

Key Commitments

A) Overall Integrity of our School:

i) Our school will endeavour to continuously strive towards the aims and objectives in our school’s mission statement and educational philosophy.

ii) We will publish accurate information to promote our individual schools but we will dissociate ourselves from unfavourable criticism or unhelpful comparisons that may be made in relation to other schools. We will avoid misleading statements about our own school status or operation.

iii) Our school will honour promises and contracts made with persons, organisations or communities, assuming honourable commitment by the other contractual party, save for any situations arising from any act of God, war, strike, lockout, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest or other event beyond the reasonable control of our school.

iv) We will respect normally accepted conventions regarding confidentiality with regard to the internal or external dealings and operations of our school.    

B) Recruitment Practices:

We accept that both employees and member schools have the right to consider and/or take preliminary steps to procure alternative employment or undertake recruitment in confidence without notifying the employer or employee in question. Further steps taken to procure alternative employment or undertake recruitment must be conducted with openness and transparency vis a vis all parties concerned.

ii)  We will not directly approach employees of other member schools (“the employer school”) with a view to recruitment without prior consultation with an agreement from the employer school.

iii) We agree that, upon receiving an application for employment from an employee of other member schools, the employee will be notified that the employer school will be consulted.

iv) Unless agreed by all concerned, we will not recruit current employees under contract of other member schools. We further agree that we will not procure and/or induce a breach of contract by a current employee of a member school or other organisation.

v)  We agree that member schools should endeavour to recruit the best employees they are able to in terms of qualifications and experience. The school will conduct, to the best of its ability, the necessary background checks on its employees and potential employees in order to ascertain their suitability to work with children.  

C) Employment Practices:

i)  All employees are issued with written contracts and associated documents, which clearly state the terms and conditions of employment.

ii)  There is a fair and equitable system of remuneration of our school’s employees.

iii)  The performance of employees is regularly and professionally evaluated by the Head of school or by designated representatives.

iv)  The Board of Governors and/or owner of the school regularly and professionally evaluate the performance of the Head of our school.

v) Our school strives, wherever possible and practicable, to develop its staff professionally and offers opportunities for in-house training within the limitations of its annual budget.

vi)   Our school has established procedures for dealing with claims of unjust treatment, grievances, and claims of unfair dismissal and/or non-renewal of contract.

D) Transfer and Enrolment of Students:

i)   We will not directly approach students (or parents of students) from other member schools with a view to recruiting them to our own school.

ii)  We will respect the confidentiality of students who wish to consider entering another member school, whilst providing an acceptable level of assistance and support in the education process when students leave our school. This will include the timely production of references, reports, grades and transcripts.

iii)  We will not knowingly accept a student from another member school if the student (or family of that student) owes money to that member school without the prior agreement of that member school.

If it is drawn to the attention of the FOBISIA Executive Committee (“the Committee”) that there may have been any breaches of the Code whatsoever, or instances of unethical practice by a member school (“the offending school”), the Committee may investigate such breaches or instances of unethical practice as it deems fit. The Committee may also take such disciplinary action against the offending school as it deems fit in accordance with the procedures set out in section 4.5 of the FOBISIA By-laws, including the termination of the membership of the member school within FOBISIA. Member schools agree to accept any decision of the Executive Committee as final and binding.