The Federation of British International Schools in Asia.



Monday, 12th November 2012



Dear Exhibitor,




As an organisation who is already associated with FOBISSEA, I am wondering if you would be interested in joining FOBISSEA as an Affiliate Member.


We launched Affiliate Membership a few months ago and have been delighted with the initial response to our membership. Many of our regular exhibitors at FOBISSEA conferences have chosen to formally join us as members. This new category of membership is open to educational organisations and suppliers who are of interest to schools.  We hope that Affiliate Membership will help interested organisations develop a closer relationship with FOBISSEA schools. The benefits of becoming an Affiliate Member of FOBISSEA will include:


·         Discounted rates for Affiliate Members to exhibit at the Annual FOBISSEA Conference,

·         Company details on the FOBISSEA website (100 words maximum) and a direct link to own website (this will occur once the new website has been fully commissioned),

·         New supporting members will be formally welcomed and introduced in the “The FOBISSEAN” newsletter which is emailed direct to all FOBISSEA Headteachers and Principals  as well as to Affiliate Members,

·         Affiliate Members are encouraged and permitted to use the FOBISSEA logo on their website and all other promotional and marketing materials, using the phrase ‘COMPANY NAME is an Affiliate Member of FOBISSEA’


The cost of FOBISSEA Affiliate Membership will be 500 SGD per year running from 1 January to 31 December. The first full year of membership will be effective from date of approval of the application.


The next round of applications for Affiliate Membership is now being accepted with the deadline of Friday, 8th March 2013.


To become an Affiliate Member please complete an application form and return to Gurmeet at . Each application is then reviewed by the Executive Committee who next meet on Thursday, 14th March 2013.



Please be aware that the following statement will be published on the FOBISSEA website and communicated to all schools:


“FOBISSEA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by Affiliate Members and schools are advised to contact the organisation directly for further information. Please note, Affiliate Membership of FOBISSEA does not communicate endorsement by FOBISSEA for any service, program or activity and an organisation may not use inclusion in the guide as an endorsement of any of their services, programs or activities.”


I trust this offer of membership to FOBISSEA is of interest to you and helps our respective organisations to develop a closer professional relationship with each other.



Yours sincerely,


Matt Mills

Chairman, FOBISSEA Membership Committee

Bangkok Patana School


To become an Affiliate Member please complete the application and return to Gurmeet at